About us

realizing the dream of many families

With the goal to produce furniture with quality and always focused on the best technology, Matic Móveis has consolidated 14 years in the market.
With the passage of time, it migrated its production to the children's branch and remains in the city of Jaci, Pole country furniture.

Today, carry throught the dream that many mommys and daddys have, helping all the process of making the room of the babies perfect, making making comfortable furniture with safety and design.
As a result of all this path, it has expanded its facilities and evolved its technologies to offer a complete world to all babies. Therefore, today it is a company of 110 employees, 45 suppliers, 35 representatives and operates in 90% of the states.

The dream that the dads and moms have in holding their child in their arms is great and until they arrive, they are gettin ready to leave the whole room ready.
That is where Matic participates, realizing the dream of many families.